The Life and Horrifying "Untimely Retirement" of Celestial Sky Partner Alfredo Rodenti.  May he Rot in Hell.

1.  He was loved by all.
2.  He created the Law Firm with Catacomb and they ran it for All of Time
3.  He lived like a Saint and gave everything to the Community and the entire Rodenti Family.
4.  Doggie McStyle entered Partnership Negotiations with Rodenti and Catacomb. 
5.  Doggie McStyle cut a deal with Catacomb for her to "off" her Partner to Lower the Cost of Acquisition. 
6.  McStyle and Catacomb first try a "Hit-Man".  He failed, target too small.
7.  McStyle gives Brilliant Idea to Ms. Catacomb to Hunt, Toy With, Eat Head, Crunch Bones of Alfredo Rodenti
8.  She did exactly that and more.  She is a "Natural Born Attorney", see her bio
9.  She collected $2 million from the Rodenti Family for a Traditional Entombment in Recoleta Cemetary, Buenos Aires
10.  She vomited out the guts of Rodenti on the Carpet, called NetJets, took the $2 million for a Visit to Her Home and a 
      well-deserved Buenos Aires Argentina Shopping Trip as she got Rodenti Blood all over her cat-shoes.
12.  Notice her Hilary Clinton-Approved Electric Cat Comb (yes, Ms. Catacomb is tight with State Department).
12.  REMINDER: We are selling "Beloved Partner Tortuga Family Shell Ashtrays" for $295 on our website.
Slideshow of Long Life and Horrible Retirement
of Celestial Sky Founding Alfredo Rodenti         

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