Test Turtle Story
The Life and Horrifying "Untimely Retirement" of Celestial Sky Partner Tortuga.  May he Rot in Hell.

1.  He was loved by all.
2.  He created the Law Firm with Clark and they ran it for All of Time
3.  He lived like a Saint and gave everything to the Community and the entire Tortuga Family.
4.  He hired Doggie McStyle who (due to fashionable black/white coloration got all the Obama Admin. Contracts)
5.  He sent our a press release saying "Doggie McStyle is Wanted by Animal Control"
6.  He retired and took a bus trip on the road.
7.  His family was turned into Turtle Soup on the Bayou.  Mother Turtle was de-shelled in front of her family who went next.
8.  We are selling "Beloved Partner Tortuga Family Shell Ashtrays" for $295 on our website.
Slideshow of Long Life and Horrible Retirement
of Celestial Sky Founding Partner Tortuga

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