Founding Partner Fluffy Catacomb BIOGRAPHY

This is being filed in the Biography Suppository at the Ogleplex for Hourly Revision as needed to make Fluffy Catacomb Look Good When in Fact She is a Witch Reincarnated from Hell who Channels Satan's Power.  Catacomb and McStyle are "dedicated" to each other due to a hiring incident  referenced below.

Fluffy Catacomb came into the world like we all do, unlike Founding Partner Tortuga who:

a) hatched from an Egg
b) announced in writing that McStyle was "wanted by Animal Control"
c) was retired by placing him under a bus wheel and making soup out of his family
d) is rotting in Hell and the Tortuga Family Shells are on sale on our Website as Ashtrays.

After being born, Fluffy Catacomb grew up and became an Attorney, just a grunt working for Alfredo Rodenti...just another worthless associate that would one day be blamed for whatever and sent to the "animal shelter" by HorseBank Arranged SWAT... until that fateful moment when she met Doggie McStyle.  Doggie McStyle's Diverse Black and White Coloration was a hit in Washington DC and he was awarded all the Obama Administration contracts.  Doggie McStyle gave her the great idea of simply eating Rodenti.

With Founding Partner Tortuga in Happy Family Retirement in Hell, Doggie McStyle upgraded his Letterhead, moved into Senior Tortuga's house and office, where he Mounts the Bitches Daily while thinking about Mrs. Founding Partner Tortuga:  First in Soup while Family Watched.

Fluffy Catacomb had kittens once but she ate them all, leaving just the back half of one of them in her litter box.  She later barfed up her partially digested kittens on the carpet.  She eats bugs.  Founding Partner Catacomb is a "Natural Born Attorney".

Due to his kindness, Doggie McStyle upgraded the job to Galactic Founding Partner and immediately punished Arthur Dogday for agreeing with Founding Partner Tortuga because he was forced to.  Arthur Dogday was castrated by Ms. Fluffy Catacomb, our new Founding Partner.  His testicles were gnawed off by Ms. Catacomb and she then barfed them up.  Dogday is now on Probation.

During the interview with Ms. Fluffy Catacomb, she actually ate her longtime partner Mr. Rodenti to acquire his clients and ACT database.  Doggie McStyle went into a frenzy and dry-humped Ms. Catacomb as she signed the Partnership letter.  What happened next is currently being investigated by Animal Control so Mr. McStyle felt compelled to promote Ms. Catacomb to Founding Partner and double her salary.  That record was Sealed by Federal Court.  Let us just say this:  He has the Video.  She has the Stained Collar.  What happens in the Offices  of Clark, Tortuga, Catacomb, Rodenti, and McStyle stays there unless somebody releases it strategically.
Note from Webmaster:  Mr. McStyle paid me $1,000 to place the insulting Catacomb's Mom Video you see.  He gave me no choice.  Either $1,000 and I keep my balls or....

I went right to Ms. Catacomb and she said "go ahead".  She gave me $2,000 for being honest AND to put the nasty video on his Bio Page. 
Ms. Catacomb's Tramp Mother paid me $10,000 and Ms. Catacomb gave me another $1,000 for making her Tramp Mother happy.